A Cybersecurity Service that
you can offer your customers

Fractalia allows you - as a Service Provider - to offer a Cybersecurity Service to your customers. Not just another tool, but an advanced and personalized service. This service will be offered with your own brand and it will be completely integrated within your environment. Its goal is simple: to effectively protect your customers devices from a wide range of threats and resolve any situation that may arise. The key differentiator of this service is our customer support service that is provided by qualified professionals and is available 24/7.

Cybersecurity Service main features

Comprehensive security

All user devices will be covered against threats providing real-time information if an issue is detected.

Easy to use

User has access to an intuitive dashboard providing a quick view of the status of all devices.

24/7 expert support

Access to expert support is available 24/7 in local language through different channels.

We provide the Service Provider with a distinctive edge versus the competition

  • It is a service that solves real customer issues and concerns (versus just having a tool)
  • It raises the level of the conversation with prospects/clients when selling
  • It positions the service provider with a solution in an area of real customer concern
  • It provides the service provider a distinctive edge versus the competition
  • The tools and service are fully branded with the service provider guidelines
  • Our platform provides a personalised and high quality interaction with customers in a service world dominated by internet robots (BOTs)
  • It creates "peace of mind" for the customer when thinking about cybersecurity threats
  • The packaging of the service is flexible: new customers only, or your whole installed base, bundles, promotions, try-and-buy, buy-and-try ...
  • In-depth service usage data provides intelligence for further marketing actions

Why Fractalia?

A key benefit of the service offering is the ability to deploy the service anywhere in the world, in the local language and on a 24/7 basis. This is made possible by Fractalia’s global infrastructure and resources, as well as the underlying technology behind the service. In addition, this unique capability allows Fractalia to quickly meet changes in demand and to maintain and improve the quality of service provided.
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